Tuesday, June 22, 2010


It is Yong Hwa's birthday today, the 22nd of June. And I just saw hilarious pictures of Hong Ki on Twitter. Then Shin Hye just playfully made a jab at Yong Hwa on a recent video interview, hinting that she's been missing her beloved Shin Woo. And well, there's the Japan ANJELL FM this week...so it's ANJELL week right now, eh? I miss them a lot. And oh, give some love to Seo Hyun, will you? :)


"Is he even coming?" Shin Hye asks impatiently to a yawning Hong Ki who is slouching beside her on the table, bobbing his familiar blond hair with the music blaring from his headphones.

"Bo?" Hong Ki asks back, putting down his headphones to catch what she is saying.

"Pabo-ya! First time we're meeting in months and you can't even give your full attention to me!" She pouts, swatting his arm playfully.

"Ahrasso, ahrasso! I'm putting it down now. I'm just listening to a Japanese song I have to sing in the album," he smiles shyly, a little chastised. "Japanese makes my nose bleed every thirty seconds!"

Shin Hye laughs despite her impatience. Hearing Hong Ki cracking up jokes after their friendship suffered a long hiatus is making her giddy tonight. How she has missed this dorky, adorable guy! She can forgive his little insensitivities anytime. Now, if only Bolmae-Jung is already here, her happiness will be complete.

"Yong Hwa. Are you sure he is coming?" she asks again. She and Hong Ki have been waiting at the small cafe for half an hour now and Yong Hwa is supposed to join them for a surprise birthday party he didn't know about. She glances nervously at the buffet table laden with food and drinks, afraid that her little preparation would all be spoiled because Hong Ki messed up with his task to get busy idol boy Yong Hwa to meet with him for a few drinks. Supposedly.

"He is! I'm sure of that. He gave me his word. I've checked with his manager-hyung. His schedule has been cleared for tonight. I have checked with Jong Hyun too and he said they don't have any gigs scheduled for tonight either. So he has to be here, not anywhere else."

Shin Hye eyes Hong Ki skeptically. "What did you tell him exactly, blondie?"

"I said Sukkie-hyung and I are treating him for a round of drinks for his birthday! That's what we planned, right?"

"Did you specifically tell him the place, the time and that Sukkie-oppa won't accept no for an answer?" she grills him a little more.

"De!" Hong Ki says, fishing for his phone in his pockets. "I told him he's not gonna see the sun rise on the 22nd if he ditches us for anything else!"

She laughs at him. "Ya! That's morbid, Hong Ki-yah. It's his birthday, be nice to him!"She admonishes.

Hong Ki's eyes turn to slits as he pauses from dialing on his phone. "Times like this, I really can feel where your loyalty lies, Shin Hye-ssi. And it's not with Sukkie-hyung, that I am sure of."

She jabs him with chopsticks. "Oh don't start again, please. Coz I know where your loyalty lies, too," she banters back.

"My loyalty lies with you, of course!" he snaps back with a poker face. "Among the three of you, it's only natural that I will side with you, no questions asked. You're the girl, after all."

Shin Hye smiles at him warmly. "Aww...since when did you learn how to sidle up to girls so smoothly like this?"

He smirks. "Yong Hwa! That guy is a smooth criminal, I tell you. His weapon is his sweet words. He's got a bagful of them!"

She giggles in acknowledgment. "Yeah, yeah. I know what you mean. I always knew that guy has some pretty deadly charms buried down somewhere in those timid looks."

"Which reminds me to dial his number now," he says, dialing up. "I've got a feeling that country bumpkin got  lost on his way here."

Shin Hye shakes her head in amusement.

"Ya! Where are you now? Are you lost?" Hong Ki asks as he connects with Yong Hwa on the phone. "Bo? Still in a cab?...What's taking you so long?...Sinchia?! You’re not pulling my leg, are you, dummy? I knew it! Aigoo…You sneaky punk...Get your shameless butt here before I walk out on you…Pali, Pali! Yeah, the cafe near the mall. You can't miss it…We've been here before, pabo-ya!...Yes, five minutes. I'm giving you five and I'm out of here. Hyung is already pissed!" Hong Ki threatens then hangs up, laughing.

"Where is he? Is he coming?" Shin Hye asks curiously.

"That punk!" Hong Ki is beyond himself, smirking like crazy, shaking his head in disbelief. "I knew he would do this. I just knew he would. Hee Chul hyung and I were just discussing the possibility last time. But I was skeptic at first...but that little devil...aisssh! What a sleazy punk!" He blabbers incoherently almost to himself.

"Hong Ki! Stop the gibberish! Is Yong Hwa coming or not?!" Shin Hye asks in exasperation. "Sukkie-oppa is arriving any minute with the cake. I don't want to waste his efforts in buying that cake for someone who's not coming!"

"Who's not coming?!" A familiar voice booms from the doorway as Shin Hye turns to it with a ready smile. Keun Suk comes in balancing a large box on his hands. "If Yong Hwa is not coming, I swear I'm going to bad mouth him to all the idols I know starting tonight!" He threatens, putting down the box on the table.

"Aniya. He is on his way here, hyung. I just talked to him," Hong Ki informs his hyung. "But I have to warn you both. He's bringing with him a little surprise."

"Bo?" Keun Suk and Shin Hye ask in unison.

Hong Ki gives them a toothy smile, eyebrows dancing excitedly.


Hong Ki, sitting opposite Yong Hwa and beside his Keun Suk-hyung, stares at Yong Hwa with a malicious smirk on his face. Keun Suk shakes his head slowly, suppressing a knowing smile. Undaunted, Yong Hwa meets their stares squarely, trying to be smug and shy at the same time which Shin Hye finds endearing. She throws Sukkie and Hong Ki a warning stare, chiding them with her eyes, then shifts her focus on the lovely face that is smiling timidly at her across the table, beside Yong Hwa.

"If I had known I would meet you today, SeoHyun-sshi, I should have brought with me my SNSD CDs and ask you to sign them," Shin Hye says with a smile, her eyes dancing. Ah, so this is the surprise Yong Hwa brought with him. Well, I am surprised, indeed! "I am a big fan."

"Kamsahamnida, Park Shin Hye-ssi," Seo Hyun bows shyly. “It’s my pleasure to finally meet ANJELL. I’m a fan, too,” she says which draws laughter from everyone.

Hong Ki nearly chokes on his chapchae when he hears this.

She looks so innocent, Shin Hye notes.  And witty.

"Call me Unnie, please," Shin Hye encourages her. Seo Hun bows again, grateful for the warm welcome.

"I am sorry for coming here uninvited, Shin Hye-unnie. Yong Hwa-oppa said he was meeting Keun Suk-oppa and Hong Ki-sshi for a drink. I didn't know it was a party for him," she explains, her words full of honorifics. She gives Yong Hwa an accusing stare which makes Shin Hye suppress a smile.

"Aniyo. This is for Yong Hwa as much as a small reunion dinner for all of us. The only reason we didn't invite you for this is because we weren't aware you are with him...for real," Shin Hye winks at Bolmae-Jung who beams proudly at her. The smug little rascal, she smirks.

“I thought you were just busy with work, Bolmae-Jung. It never crossed my mind that you would be busy…with someone,” she teases further, eager to make Yong Hwa squirm a little on his seat.

“Aigoo,” Seo Hyun sighs. “You really do call him Bolmae-Jung,” she exclaims.

“Now, she’s really a fan of the drama if she even knows our pet names!” Keun Seuk exclaims.

“Oh, I do,” Seo Hyun confirms. “Avant Hye,” she says, motioning to Shin Hye.

“Hong Star,” she points at Hong Ki. “Renai-jang,” she refers to Keun Suk.

Yong Hwa claps his hand proudly. “Way to go, Hyun,” he smiles, giving her a pat on the back.

“Yong-oppa told me about it,” Seo Hyun sheepishly confesses. “I really feel sorry to be an intruder tonight. I know you haven’t seen each other for a long time. I really didn’t know about this.”

Kenchana,” the three of them assure her. “We love having you here. This is a wonderful surprise,” Shin Hye gives her a smile.

"I didn't know it, too. I swear," Yong Hwa reassures Seo Hun softly which earns him a loud snort from Hong Ki. "Shin Hye-yah, komawoyo for this. I didn't even know that you remember my birthday. But here you are, planning a party for me. Ah, I am so happy my heart is bursting right now."

Hong Ki and Sukkie both let out a loud yelp, springing out from their seats. They exchange high-fives, laughing hysterically at their friend. "Yaaaahhh!"

"My heart is bursting right now," Hong Ki imitates him, clutching his heart with his face turned  forlornly at Sukkie. They cringe at the same time. "How mushy can you get, you rotten punk!" Hong Ki exclaims.

Yong Hwa throws a fish fry at Hong Ki who deftly catches it with his hand before popping it in his mouth. "You're just jealous, bastard," he quips.

"Does sajangnim know about this?" Hong Ki asks with an evil glint in his eye, referring to FnC's (CN Blue and FT Island's company) president. "Sajangnim, yoboseyo? De, this is your favorite talent calling. I have to report a crime," he playfully calls on his phone.

Shin Hye sees how Seo Hyun's eyes grew big and how anxiety momentarily clouds her clear eyes. "Ya, stop it, Hong Ki. You're scaring Seo Hyun."

Four pairs of eyes shift on Seo Hyun and she blushes. "Aniyo," she laughs nervously."Lee SooMan sajangnim doesn't know this, too. So we're even," she quips matter-of-factly which makes everyone laugh.

Sukkie shakes his head, chuckling. He gives Yong Hwa a loud high five. "I have to give it to you, buddy. Your courage among idols is very, very commendable. It is legendary."

"You're bringing idol dating to a higher level, my friend," Hong Ki concedes. "Why didn't they consider me for WGM, darn it!"

"Because you're still young and immature. You can't handle a marriage yet," Yong Hwa rubs it in.

"And you do?!" Hong Ki snaps back at him. "Seo Hyun-sshi, I'm sorry but you made a terrible mistake. He's a faker, this one. He may appear to be shy and timid but he is really not. He talks like-"

"He talks like an ahjumma? Yes, I notice that, too. He loves telling stories so much that sometimes he reminds me of my omma with his nonstop talking," Seo Hyun volunteers innocently.

Shin Hye lets out a little scream. "Omo! You notice that, too? And you are not yet running away?" she asks teasingly.

"Run SeoHyun run!" Hong Ki chants, dodging another fish fry from Yong Hwa.

"He is funny and he makes me laugh," Seo Hyun points out, as if to explain why she is staying put. Yong Hwa looks at her wistfully, a little smile on his lips and a lot of appreciation reflecting in his eyes.

Shin Hye catches the tenderness of the gaze Yong Hwa is giving Seo Hyun and she sighs. It was such a private moment that she felt like an intruder gawking at them. She instinctively let her eyes roam towards the person beside her and catches Sukkie's eyes looking back at her. They exchange knowing glances.

Sukkie reaches out to hold her hand under the table, squeezing it tightly. Her heart lurches unexpectedly. Ah, there, she has her own piece of heaven, too, see?

Hong Ki lets out a gagging sound, breaking the spell in the room. "Where is Hee Chul hyung when I need him?! Get me out of this hell, please!" He begs as he dials a number on his phone.

"He's on air right now, I think," Sukkie informs him. "And stop whining, you brat. Go get a girl for yourself. But grow up first, will you?"

Yong Hwa lets out a guffaw. "Hong Ki-yah, mianhe," he says with a smile, belying the sarcasm in his voice."I didn't mean to bring Seo Hyun along to spite you. Believe me," he promises with a smirk. "It's just that we were really planning to go out tonight to celebrate our birthdays together. Her birthday is on the 28th," he informs his friends.

"Sinchia?" Shin Hye asks Seo Hyun who nods at her in return.

"So I brought her with me tonight. This is the only free time we got before I fly to Japan later this week for our shows. I didn't know you guys planned this for me."

"You have to thank Shin Hye for this," Sukkie says. "She says we ought to throw you a party to make up for not being there with you when you were hospitalized. I hope you understand, I am always overseas and Shin Hye is filming a movie now.And you gotta admit, your schedule is really a killer. It is so hard to book an appointment to see you."

“And you never ever call,” Shin Hye can’t resist to chime in.

Mianhe, Shin Hye-ya. I…you know, the life of an idol,” he looks at Hong Ki for some help. Hong Ki gives him a sad face then burst out laughing. Yong Hwa kicks him on his shin.

“Hey, I know, you’re busy. I’m just joking,” she gives Seo Hyun a smile. “I’m sorry you have to put up with this. We just haven’t seen this guy for…what, 6 months?”

“We were just worried when we heard the news that you were sick and we can’t make a visit,” Keun Suk says. “I mean, wow, you’re starting early with the faint spells, huh? Just debuted and you’re driving yourselves crazy already.”

"Kenchana, hyung. It's okay, we are all busy. And I was not allowed to have visitors anyway. Even Hyun was not allowed to get near me," he explains.

"But you are fine now, right? Your voice sounds normal to me. Can you idols please stop fainting one after the other? You are giving me the creeps," Shin Hye asks, a little concerned.

"My singing voice is still a little strained. The doctors said I ought not to sing for a while. But how could I not sing?! It's like telling me not to breathe."

"But you can let Jong Hyun sing the vocals for now and just concentrate on the guitar for a while," Seo Hyun interjects, speaking her mind. "He's so stubborn. He feels he needs to do everything," she tells his friends.

"But I am the leader, Hyun," Yong Hwa calmly answers her, his eyes begging to be understood. "I need to be responsible for them. I need to show them that I will not abandon them no matter what."

"Even at the expense of your own health?" Shin Hye reacts for Seo Hyun, seeing how the latter's face is now clouded with worry. "Come on, Yong Hwa. Your voice is your passport to success. Without it, you will not have everything -- your members, your band, your dreams. So take care of it. Make it your priority."

Hong Ki nods in agreement. "She's right, you fool. Take it from me. Don't sacrifice yourself too much. Take care of yourself. In this industry, you're the only who can do that for you. Everyone else thinks you are a machine."

"Step on the brakes, sometimes. Learn how to say no and mean it," Sukkie adds.

Yong Hwa looks at his friends' faces and smile gratefully, then he takes a jab at them. "Ya, look who's talking now? You are all my sunbaes and you all have fainted at one point in your career, right? I want to experience that, too!" he jokes, earning him a quick swat at the head from Sukkie.

"Well, not me. I haven't fainted due to exhaustion or fatigue even once," Seo Hyun muses out loud. "And that's because I am stubborn when it comes to my health. You, oppa, have to be stubborn for the right reasons. Not the wrong ones," she wags a finger at him.

Sukkie chuckles out loud, amused by their exchange. "Seo Hyun-sshi, you vaguely remind me of someone I know," he throws Shin Hye a meaningful look. "Someone who loves to order me around and someone who I just cannot win over no matter how I try."

"De?" the ever innocent Seo Hyun asks, her eyes curiously eyeing Yong Hwa to help her figure out what Sukkie is saying. Yong Hwa playfully averts his gaze from her, refusing to indulge her curiosity.

Shin Hye blushes at Sukkie's words.

Hong Ki snorts out loud. "Oh, do I really have to put up with you the entire night?! What did I do in my previous life to deserve this?!” He asks to no one in particular as he scoops a plate full of food from the table, retreats in a corner chair at the opposite side of the room and puts on his headphones.

“Hong Ki-yah, saranghae!” Shin Hye calls out to him playfully and he makes a heart gesture with his hands, then throws her a grimace. “Leave me alone with my nosebleeds!” he says with a straight face.

And it is true. The nosebleeds he gets from memorizing Japanese songs have never sounded more appealing.

Ah, but he is with his friends and they are happy. That’s all that matters for now.


maize said...

i told you on the phone, and i'll say it again: i couldn't stop laughing. you are amazing! =D
my favorite hongki is ever the clown, ice breaker and secret keeper. he was amazing in this ff - the pseudo-insults he's been throwing really cracked me up!
i feel like telling hyun, "welcome to the family". =D
for all it's worth, i've always liked yong hwa as yong hwa... and for today, i will allow myself to love him the most, haha! (though not as much as his co-celebrator, heehee)Ü
my favorite couple never failed to make me spazz, even if they are playing support roles here (hong ki is the star, lol!). i like how the two others kept the "relationship" private.
i'm officially in love with reunions.Ü
thanks raine for making my day. =D

jossa said...

thanks, maize! for your sweet comment and for loving yong hwa, even just for today (i love him heaps!)... i hope hong ki meets his own girl real soon so i can stop making him a whiny adorable brat in my ffs. but then...i love hong ki this way. he is jjang! you've got to see his "homeless man" pix on twitter (posted in allkpop). he cracks me up big time.

maize said...

hongki is my favorite...Ü hahaha. actually jeremy is. but it's translated to hongki. i've seen the pics, omg! hilarious! =D
you have really done my lovies justice - all of them four. Ü and for today, i'll include hyun in the "lovies" too, even if i don't know her that well yet. haha!
and if i may say so... your ff's korean vocab is improving! i'm learning heaps of new stuff.

tkaione said...

This was fun to read! And awwwwh.... Hongki will always have Heechul! LOL
Just wanted to also let you know that on your other blog for Seohwa, in wanting to say something re: Impressions :) the word verification is only partially showing so unable to "verify" and comment. :)

jossa said...

Hey Teana! Really? Hmmm... must be the new theme..i'll look into that. thanks for reading anyway! your comments always inspire me. :D

Anonymous said...

omo omo....this is lovely.....love the friendship between a.n.jell....missed them so much
and i love u include seohyun in this fic hehehe

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