Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Trouble with Kisses

I wrote this for fun. I've been cheating on KS2H with Sweet Potato couple lately, so I felt guilty and did this on a whim. I missed connecting with this couple.

The Trouble with Kisses

“I don’t want you to do it.” Keun Suk tells her bluntly, the poor script squirming in his hands.

Wae?” Shin Hye pouts, ignoring his curt tone. “It’s an interesting script. And I know Kim Hyun Joong-shi. I have worked with him before. It’s a great opportunity, oppa,” she points out to him squarely, grabbing the script out of his hands.

Keun Suk’s brows reach the ceiling at her reply. “Wae? You are asking why? Did you even read the script?”

“I did. I even watched the drama, both the Japanese and the Chinese versions. And I’m starting to read the manga,” she says, smoothing the now crumpled script in her hands. “I already did my homework in this one, don’t you worry, oppa. I’m ready to take on the role.”

“The role will only typecast you with these generic storylines, Shin Hye. It’s about a stupid girl who falls in love with a more stupid guy. It’s a stupid story and I think your portfolio would be a lot better without it. You have done this in Minamishineyo. And that’s the best story ever for dimwitted characters like this girl in this script. This is just rehashing Go Mi Nam all over again. Don’t do it. Find something worthwhile to do, not this one,” he reiterates his opinion, scowling.

Shin Hye rolls her eyes. “Excuse me? It’s a cute love story. I don’t see any Go Mi Nam in the character. And it’s popular. The fans will love it. And I’m sorry to say this, but I think a noona adopting a grown man as a pet is yet to be the most ridiculous plot I have ever read. It’s not even realistic!”

“At least, the role is challenging,” Keun Suk quips pointedly, his knuckles tapping softly the steering wheel of his khan.

Shin Hye turns to him, checking to see if he is serious about what he just said. He looks at her squarely, his face is humourless. “Oh, you think wearing tutus and doing aegyos as a pet to a noona character is challenging?” she asks sarcastically. “Oh. I didn’t know that.”

“That’s not a nice thing to say, Shin Hye,” he tells her, suddenly cold. “Fine. If you so badly want to do this project, then do it. I’m not stopping you.”

“Oppa, you just did,” her voice calm but she is not cowering to his glum mood. Not this time. “And you weren’t saying exactly nice things to my potential project yourself.”

“Why do you like this role so much?” His voice is getting more irritated everytime he opens his mouth.

“I don’t like this role so much,” Shin Hye laughs drily. “I just want to do it, that’s all. I think I can interpret the role of the girl in a new way. Give it a fresher perspective. And you know I’m a sucker for love stories.”

He glares at her, his nose flaring. Why can this girl be so blatantly clueless when he desperately wants her not to? “What’s the title of the drama again?” he asks her, his eyes piercing hers like a knife.

“Playful Kiss,” she answers him, not flinching from his deathly glares.

“I see. Kiss huh?” Keun Suk asks, losing his grip on his sanity. “Kiss, Shin Hye. Are you even thinking? Did you even read this?” he points to the script on her lap. “Did you really watch the dramas? There are kissing scenes in almost every episode! Does that mean nothing to you?”

Shin Hye smirks. “We are actors, oppa. It’s part of the job description. Chill.”

“Chill?” He murmurs, almost to himself, pursing his lips so hard they are starting to have a life of their own.  “Yeah, watching you getting kissed every week will definitely make me chill.”

Shin Hye tilts her amused face towards his. “Why are you making a fuss over this, Keun Suk? It’s a role. I got an offer. I’m mulling over it. I want to accept it,” she sighs. “Aissh, I should have not told you about this if I knew this would happen.”

“Don’t do it. Just choose another one.”

“It’s the only offer I got so far,” she replies coolly.

“Then wait until a better offer comes along. End of discussion. Let’s go, I’ll get you home,” he says, revving up the engine.

Wae? Why  are you being difficult about this? I’m an adult now. I can do this kind of stuff. And are you my manager now? Since when did you start calling the shots in my career options, oppa?”

Keun Suk steps on the brakes even before he eases the car out of its parking spot.  He adjusts his whole body to face Shin Hye. His face contorting into a torn, unexplainable expression.

“Kim Hyun Joong-sshi is an idol. You will get more anti-fans being paired up with him,” he tells her lamely, plucking his reason out of nowhere. 

“Tsk. I can deal with it. I’m made of harder stuff, right?” she snorts. “And last time I checked, Kim Hyun Joong-sshi is having a career shift, I think. I’m sure his fans would understand.”

He grits his teeth in exasperation. “Shin Hye!” Turning his face away from her, he shakes his head in defeat. “Fine, do it. Just do whatever you think is right. Whatever you want. I’m…arrrggh! I’m out of this.” He runs his fingers through his hair, composing himself. “You’re right. I don’t have the right to dictate you.”

Shin Hye hides an amused smirk. “Well, if you only give me a beautiful reason not to accept the project, I would reject it in a heartbeat,” she baits. “But all you’ve been giving me so far in this argument are just lame, oppa. You’re looking like a typical jerk of a boyfriend, you know that?” she tells her bluntly, her face deadpan, her voice sweet.

Two flaring eyes probes Shin Hye’s for a minute, luring her into a staring contest she knows she would win. She meets his probing gaze nonchalantly, bravely and confidently.

“You are making a fool out of me, aren’t you?” he hisses, turning his eyes away, defeated.

“No,” Shin Hye corrects him, fighting the urge to baby his bruised ego. “You, oppa, are making a fool out of yourself.”

“What do you want me to say?” he asks her, his eyes fixed on the windshield of the car.

“I don’t know,” she murmurs softly. “Just the truth, maybe?”

He heaves a long sigh before he speaks. “I’m not ready to share you. It is selfish and it makes me a cold, chauvinist Neanderthal, I know, but I just can’t share you. At least, not yet. The project is good. I know you will have no trouble nailing the part. But I’m uncomfortable with the storyline and the kissing scenes,” he says in a low voice, phrasing the words slowly.  “And I mean it when I said you will only risk being typecasted in such roles if you accept this one, Shin Hye. You ought to tap your versatility as an actress by choosing projects carefully.”

Shin Hye throws him her genuine smile for the first time that night. “Now you’re talking.”

“It’s an unsolicited advice,” Keun Suk is quick to point out. “But if it will make you happy doing it, then go. If your management says it’s right for your career and you agree with it, then it’s fine with me.”

Jeongmal?” Shin Hye asks, wanting to make sure. “You will respect what I want?”

Keun Suk nods and looks at her straight in the eyes. “I will. I will just deal with myself later.”

It is then that Shin Hye laughs, her eyes twinkling, her face beaming. “Aigoo.”

Then she tells him sheepishly, “Well, my management and you seem to be on the same wavelengths, lately, oppa. Because they told me the same thing you just did.”

Keun Suk furrows his brows. “What do you mean?”

“I just rejected the project this morning. We think it’s a good role but it’s not for me. When I was reading the script, I see a lot of Go Mi Nam in the lead girl’s character. I don’t think it will be wise to reprise the role again, in another project, in another story,” she explains, her eyes dancing naughtily. “Besides, the kissing scenes are indeed a handful. I don’t think we are ready for that yet.”


“You and I. I don’t think you can see me doing those scenes this early. And I am not ready either,” Shin Hye admits. “To kiss Kim Hyun Joong-shi, I mean,” she clarifies, kidding.

Keun Suk drops his head on the steering wheel and lets out a little scream. 

Then, raising his head to face her, he says in a vindictive tone, “You do know that you’re going to pay for this little prank, right?”

Shin Hye nods coyly, her heart reflecting in her eyes. “I am ready, oppa.”


Anonymous said...

luv it! ^^
i've always been your stalker here and i will forever love your fanfics...

great job with this.. i miss KS2H.. ^^

wengwa said...

love love love it... been waiting for ur update with this topic because i know u will surely make one hehe... thanks so much! it's been quite a while since i've made comments here.... just been busy with work lately... keep it up girl, u're just amazing!

vira said...

oh am so glad i zipped my lips yesterday and stopped yapping!

wonderful job! as always!

now if only you can give us a peek on how ks made sh pay for that prank!!! lol. now that i have to wait and see!

earthprincess said...

There goes the goddess who spins magic on a whim!! Ioved this one to the last word!! Thanks much sister for not neglecting our couple.

Anonymous said...

Raine, This is funny and lovely reminds me so much of when ShinHye was so jealous of the Kimi Wa petto script. Lovely. Thank you.

Tita Girlie

maize said...

chill ~ my favorite word on the start of a busy week. and maybe my song for the week should be "hey jealousy", yeah? to be consistent? lol!

ahhh, thank you for going back to good ole sukkiehye, raine. i badly wanted to read a new one about them. =D

SukkieHye said...

i can't wait for Taiwan..!

Nhu Anh said...

i love all of your entries in this blog. i like your blog very much. i even thought that JGS and PSH were real couple after reading each story here...
Why do you stop writing? Are you busy or they ve already broken up :(( ? I hope you are allright and they are sill happy togetther :D
Keep writing. I look forward to new entry of yours.
I miss you and your fanfics.

jossa said...

Hello, Nhu Anh, thanks for your concern.

Hmm, I took a hiatus (still taking a hiatus) from SukkieHye fanfic writing because I feel I have already written all there is to write about them...and no, I don't think they broke up already because they still haven't admitted they were on in the first place.

I miss writing about them, too. And I miss my readers and comments like yours.

Who knows one of these days, I will hear their voices in my head again...

I am still writing, everyday, only about a different couple. Yong Hwa and Seo Hyun.

I'm giving Shin Woo his happy ever after post TK-MN, see? haha

Anonymous said...

hi, i hope to read your next fic since today is sukkie's seoul fm with the rest of the anjells as guest..shin hye will be there for sure so there will be a basis for your next episode...shin woo will also be there, i remember he said at the japan fm that he miss shin hye and would want to see her..

kim said...

hi, i hope to read your next fic since today is sukkie's seoul fm with the rest of the anjells as guest..shin hye will be there for sure so there will be a basis for your next episode...shin woo will also be there, i remember he said at the japan fm that he miss shin hye and would want to see her..

Anonymous said...

hi, i miss your fan fic already..isn't it today's sukkie's seoul fm and the rest of the anjells are the special guest...shin hye will be there so i hope that you could write your next episode by then...also, in one of shin hye's recent interviews, she said that her relationship with sukkie is that sort of brother-sister only BUT she also mentioned a supportive sukkie...ISN'T IT A CONTRADICTING STATEMENT? WHAT DO YOU THINK? i wish that they are a real life couple..

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